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Been giving this some thought recently.

It's come to the point where I'm only updating DW/LJ very occasionally for the US folk and handful of UK people who still use it- and even then my posts are almost wholly friends locked, unless there's something longform I want FB/Twitter friends to see. (It's been this way for months, and is likely to remain that way every time I think of posting something that's more politics than 'what I ate for breakfast/novel update' then remember that people can be bellends.)

The bulk of my online activity is now:

- Twitter, where I post fairly prolifically (but occasionally mute hashtags/people for sanity)

- Facebook, which is a saner place now that Twitter friends are on there, ironically. Have also just had a clearout based on a friend's rule of 'would I call this person up and go for a pint with them?' It's also my main social planning thing, since it syncs events with my phone calendar.

- My writing blog, which generally doesn't veer into the personal, is wholly public and is linked to my Twitter for publicising it.

- I also occasionally use Tumblr, primarily as a distraction from writing because ooh look a GIF of Aramis from the Musketeers!

I get that some people don't use some of the things above because privacy/may contain nuts. But using this old blog is dispiriting now. If I filter, for instance, on people who are interested in writing, my DW feed shows four people. Four. There's also the perennial irk of 'post deeply personal thing, nobody comments; post picture of cat, loads of comments'. And while I don't use lots of filters these days, they seem to be creeping back into other people's posts, and I'm starting to walk on eggshells thinking about whether I should bother to talk about X because maybe Person A will be sad or I won't comment on thing Y because I dislike person B and LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

What I'm basically angling at is that, following a friend's example, I'm probably not going to post as much on here anymore. In practice, it's probably going to be as regular as normal ie- every few weeks to check in, like Pete. I'm not linking to any of the other places I lurk though, because if you're not already on there, and you have to ask- or you've only just spotted that I don't post publically much- you don't need to know. Sorry, but them's the breaks.

I want to keep in touch with as many people as I can, now I've moved away. And I don't want any awkward online social wossname, hard as I know that will be beause the internet is hard. But I have a hell of a lot going on at the moment, and I like my blood pressure low. I've been super-chilled since the move, and I want it to stay that way. So if you have any questions, ask away, but otherwise I'll see you on the other side of NaNoWriMo <3
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