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2017-04-05 03:15 pm
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PSA: Joining the Great LJ Exodus

Oh hey, it's been a while.

This is a quick post to say that I've caught up with all the LJ changes, including some worrying ToS changes which I had to accept before it would log me in, and I've decided to follow everyone else by moving my content to DW. (You can do it yourself from the Organize -> Import Content menu.) Once everything is exported, I'll be deleting the old account. If you think I haven't added your DW here, let me know!

As it is, I seldom use this these days - I tend to be on FB for personal family/friends things, Twitter for socialising, and Wordpress for my writing blog. Hit me up there, assuming you know where all these things are.
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2015-04-20 10:30 pm


For the benefit of those who don't look at Twitter and/or Facebook- I was at the SNP manifesto unveiling today. It was good, and I wrote about it over here.

I now have a glossy manifesto booklet and a feeling of oh shit this election is super close now oh shit. Still, I'm hopeful...
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2014-11-20 02:27 pm


Yeah, still alive. Still writing. Might blog more here in depth later, because Storify is acting up on IE11 and I need to get down something about unhinged authors before it falls out my brain.

I tried to email a bunch of you lovely lot, but I got a 'delivery failed permanently' for addresses I thought would work. Cambridge folk will see where this is heading. If any of you have a GMail, Hotmail/Outlook, work address that doesn't mind personal mail...hell, even a sodding Yahoo, could you let me know what it is? (Comments screened, if you want to put it here.)

I'd apologise for the dreadful inconvenience, but think of your anger at using a popular free email address in the same way I look on the only method of contact for some people I care about being stamped on by someone with the social airs and graces of a plate of mashed potato.

Ta muchly!
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2014-11-04 09:18 pm
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(no subject)

Been giving this some thought recently.

On tumbleweeds, and other places to socialise )
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2014-10-06 11:16 pm

Women for Independence- What Next?

Making a rare public post here, because a) it doesn’t belong on the professional blog and b) some people on Facebook/Twitter would like to read my thoughts on this. If you must comment, do try and keep to the ‘be excellent to each other’ rules, hm? Apologies for any typos or nonsensical bits; I was on the tail-end of a migraine today and the words didn't, er, word sometimes.

'Scotland won't know what's hit it' )
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2014-08-01 12:43 am

I wasn't busy enough... I went and won Camp NaNoWriMo, the April and July versions of the writing challenge. To be fair, as you're allowed to do anything from scripts, novellas and editing, I started with the 40-odd thousand words of my WIP and set a target of 65k. In between that I had day job stuff, a jaunt to Glasgow and query angst. And I validated my word count with FIVE MINUTES TO GO.

Proof, innit )
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2014-07-04 11:52 am
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[EIFF] Garnet's Gold

Why yes, I've been busy submitting a short story to the Scottish Book Trust, starting another two and jumping on the Camp NaNoWriMo in a vain attempt to up my word count. But I got round to writing this too, at last!

I love a good documentary. I used to be glued to Arena, and BBC's Storyville series is equally magnificent. This film, as far as I can gather, will be hitting the small screens at some point, and I'm going to try and persuade you to clear your future schedule for it.

A dreamer, some hills and a lot of heart )
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2014-06-24 11:05 pm
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[EIFF] Metropolis; The Anomaly; The Green Inferno

In all my festival-going years, I've somehow managed to miss the Film Festival. Partly it's because my Edinburgh visits tended to be in August, and partly I was never old enough for half the films. I decided to make up for it this year. My bank account will never forgive me :(

Metropolis )

The Anomaly )

The Green Inferno (with spoilers!) )

Tomorrow we're seeing Garnet's Gold but I can't decide what to see for the last weekend. Damn my eclectic tastes :(
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2014-06-17 06:54 pm
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2014-06-13 08:29 pm

Active Yes, or how I learned to stop worrying and love leafleting

So, when I'm not basically being Grauniad Public Enemy #1, I may have mentioned that I went along to my local Yes event last weekend.

Contains politics, but also stovies. )

TL;DR- went to Yes Super Saturday, had a splendid time, will spend as much time as I can afford volunteering. Because life's too short to sit on the internet farting out things you've read in the Guardian.
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2014-05-23 08:59 pm
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The bloody book again

So. That book, eh? I might have gone quiet in blogland, but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been busting my ass getting it in shape for the Grimly Long Publisher Hunt. Yeah, I can juggle a freelance career, being a tortured writer *and* the demands of brazen housewifery- I’m that awesome.

I need some input though, from you LOVELY POTENTIAL PEOPLE WHO MIGHT BUY MY BOOK.

Some random worrying and that. )
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2014-05-21 12:20 pm
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Lies, damned lies and the BBC

So we spotted something on the news last night that perhaps Wings over Scotland and Bella Caledonia may be interested in. I'm not usually given to doing a spot of civic journalism or whatever you call it, but this was the BBC and, well, they're not in my good books generally at the moment.

Tax doesn't have to be taxing! )
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2014-05-19 02:28 pm
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Oh, this wasn't the post I wanted to write today. I wanted to write something Wings Over Scotland-ish about social housing, but you'll have to wait now.

Sit doon, kids. )

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2014-05-05 12:16 pm
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Eurovision 2014 roundup, part 2

I should be spending my day off doing useful things, like the tax return that plopped onto the doormat last week. Instead, I'm reading the Journal of Social Archaeology, drawing Incan art and writing about Eurovision. I think I've got this self-employed starving writer thing sorted.

The Semifinal 2 lot. )

The Big Six. )

And that's your lot for this year. I've stocked up on Bucks Fizz for Saturday and I'm already plotting where to stick up the homemade flags and classy LED blinkenlighten. Let the cheese commence!
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2014-05-03 05:33 pm
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Eurovision 2014 roundup, part 1

Ah, it's that time of year again. National Final season is over and we have nothing but the on demand leftovers to entertain us until the big day next weekend. The quality of the NF shows has been really good this year, incidentally. Sweden's Melodifestivalen was slicker and funnier than anything UK Saturday night TV could throw at us, and even the low-budget sports hall charm of Latvia kept our attention. Anyway, time for my annual ramble about European music an' ting.

Thoughts on the national selections, and this year's absentees. )

The Semifinal 1 contestants. With occasional husband-based input! )

And that's it for part 1, folks! Part 2 tomorrow, after I've pootled round town and added a billion pages to the novel ideas notebook. *ponders Eurovision spin-off book*
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2014-03-30 10:39 pm
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The end is in sight

So, thanks to more logistics-furtling with removal people, they're now coming down to pack things on the 15th, then they start heading north on the 16th and we get the keys and unload on the 17th. This means, realistically, we've really only got 2 full weeks left to pack things and say our goodbyes.


But so far everything is awesome. )
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2014-02-28 08:39 pm
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Chapter 2: chapter harder

Oh, it's just been one thing after another this week what with the house moving stuff, my devotion to the Church of Eurovision and [ profile] pjc50 throwing his copy of this at me so that my research looks approximately 100% more intelligent and not like I'm spending my time buying American E numbers and crying into awful documentaries about awful things in other countries. So, yeah. Words. Have some.

Nice weather for, er, supernatural creatures )
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2014-02-20 05:29 pm
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Chapter 2-ish

I'm a whole day early putting this up on account of steaming through this week's editing mountain. Today has been brought to you by incoherent rage at crap news pieces and finding a South American internet radio station that's full of 80s.

Right, angry people in the 80s, you say? Have some more book words. I'm 75% sure there's more of Chapter 2 and this was a section break, but I can't find my notes and my wrists hurt so nyerr nyerr.

In which angry men are angry. )
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2014-02-14 04:48 pm
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Alright. I've sent off the short piece to my writing teacher, written a suitably Pseud's Corner author bio, so shut up and take my words before I change my mind and angst about it all again. Contains rude words and that.

Some words and stuff )
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2014-02-06 04:44 am

On writing

Hoo boy. Pain in my shoulder from weightlifting and headweasels set to 'chatter unhelpfully'. Looks like it's another late shift on Word for me. Current earworms time.

A friend has been encouraged into creative writing and I promised I'd write something more substantial than a Facebook comment. I've written more frivolously about the NaNoWriMo slog here, but not much since people started going 'hey this is not utter tosh so how about editing eh' because I’ve been, er, editing.

Such that a newbie can offer deep insight into the writing process, here it is. )

Well, that got long. Any questions?