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Day 5: Who is Mr Kirby, The Ginge the Geordie and the Geek, Mixed Doubles )

We both took our Fringe-free day today for a rest, but tomorrow is our last full day, so expect me hilariously attempting to see way too many shows in a short time period, have a meltdown outside the pop-up champagne bar on the Royal Mile and have Broadway Baby give it 5 stars...
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*blows dust off blog*

So, we're in Edinburgh for our annual week of luvvie-spotting, show-watching and overpriced food-eating. It's been great so far, even if getting here I may have accidentally autopiloted, run out of A1 and ended up driving through the centre of Edinburgh, dodging suicidal Londoners for whom a red man is a challenge.*

Anyway. What have we seen, I hear two of you cry? READ ON.

Day 1: Best of Edinburgh Showcase, Knightmare Live, Spring Day: Learn How To Take A Punch )

Next in this thrilling holiday: political debates that don't smell of wee and feature 90s sitcom stars, and stalking comedians on Twitter and failing to buy them a pint! Sorry, @Brainmage!
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Today, I have duly flown the Saltire out the front window for the first year ever, in retaliation for 2 years of cringe-inducing running the England flag up an actual flagpole across the road (gotta love toothless Fenland folk :p). I've also dug out Ma Broon's Cookbook in the hope of gaining inspiration for dinner. Mince and tatties maybe? Stovies? Scotch pies? Also, were it not for the lack of muslin and suet, I'd dearly love to do a clootie dumpling, which apparently some enterprising company has made both 'healthier' (no suet, more fruit) and gluten-free. Sorry, but national puddings I refuse to compromise on folks- it's all artery-furring or none. :D

Also, thank you to whoever changed the wiki article from 'Cockland'. Bet it was a Sassenach vandal. Bloody typical, you lot. ;)

Tonight I plan to have a few wee drams, possibly dig out my Scottish book collection and I have various DVDs at my disposal. As well as the stuff on my Gerard Kelly obit post, there's been plenty of internet-found highlights:

- The BBC archives had this wonderful show about the Mallaig to Fort William line by steamtrain. The scenery is just breathtaking.

- Here's a classic episode of Absolutely. I particularly love the Stoneybridge Olympic bid a few minutes in, and everyone's favourite bore Calum Gilhooley at ~28 mins. <3 Moray Hunter.

- Also from Absolutely, national emissary McGlashan has a heartfelt message for our English friends. :P

- And here's a Scottish playlist to warm the cockles of your heart.

And now I must away and do some more writing...
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Continuing the mostly chilled weekend vibe, we spent lunchtime in Portobello on the promenade, and a pleasant few hours in a bar with [ profile] neice64, before pottering off in search of free amusement. There comes a point, you see, when your credit card spontaneously combusting is a sign you've probably overdone it on the Fringe ticket front, and this is precisely where the Free Fringe comes in. Up and running for a few years now, it does what it says on the tin, providing everything from music through comedy to children's shows and theatre for free (but donations are appreciated). As we found out when we first started this bit of the Fringe, the quality is highly variable; and for the most part, last night's acts at the Counting House left us pleasantly surprised.

Well, except the first act. )

The other two were good, though. )

Fringe Refreshments of the Day- disappointing part-cooked chicken burger amid the modern art in Portobello, expensive but refreshing beer and mojito at the Rutland, cheap and very cheerful all you can eat Chinese at Jimmy Chungs (with chocolate fountain for dessert!), a swift pint at the Counting House.
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Saturday is usually a quietish day for me during the Fringe, due to the fact that the entire universe appears in town and my elbows become extra-sharp to deal with it. Nevertheless, we squashed in two shows, and a wander round the bric-a-brac in the Grassmarket, before declaring defeat on the crowds and fleeing.

Read more... )

Fringe Refreshments of the Day- Fleeing home for steak pie and roast potatoes chez parents. Even I'm not mug enough to stay in the town to be trampled by fervent Manolos clattering to the next hummus stop.

And now I must sleep, despite being a day behind on my scribblings. Weekday quietness invites an earlyish start at the shows!


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