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One in a possible continuing series, if I can be arsed. )

Right, back to the sportball...
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(I'm sure the pain caused by reading this is somewhat approximate to the pain I've had sorting this lot out the past week :P)

Well. Since the last update, we've had not one, but two engineers out, and two calls to Bangalore. And a possible PC intrusion.

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Oh, and a cautionary tale to end this. The second engineer said that not only is BT bringing its own inept brand of fibre to Cambridge this year, but the longterm plan is to do away with aerials and dishes, and provide all TV directly through the internet connection. Our sharp-brained engineer mused that next time there's a fault- which as we've seen is *so* unlikely, right?- you'd have no TV whatsoever, and would presumably have to entertain yourself with Kerplunk, or listening to a double-chinned toff falling off a roof, or host some kind of party with bottles of Blue Nun and cubes of cheese on cocktail sticks. Actually, that last one's not a bad idea. Does anywhere in Cambridge stock Black Tower...?
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Our net problems continue apace, at the rate of one a day; ranging from high ping through to the cutting out from incoming calls and just plain outages where the router isn't giving us any helpful orange lights of death. Having provided all the technical info an IT-infused chick can, BT on Twitter suggested yet another speedtest, then decided out of the blue it was the Hub that was faulty, and had the gall to say my current one was out of warranty and a new one would be £50.

More boggle-ness, minimal tech knowledge needed to get the fail :P )

So, yeah, that was my evening in a nutshell. 'Moff to look at decent routers methinks...


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