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Making a rare public post here, because a) it doesn’t belong on the professional blog and b) some people on Facebook/Twitter would like to read my thoughts on this. If you must comment, do try and keep to the ‘be excellent to each other’ rules, hm? Apologies for any typos or nonsensical bits; I was on the tail-end of a migraine today and the words didn't, er, word sometimes.

'Scotland won't know what's hit it' )
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So, when I'm not basically being Grauniad Public Enemy #1, I may have mentioned that I went along to my local Yes event last weekend.

Contains politics, but also stovies. )

TL;DR- went to Yes Super Saturday, had a splendid time, will spend as much time as I can afford volunteering. Because life's too short to sit on the internet farting out things you've read in the Guardian.
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So we spotted something on the news last night that perhaps Wings over Scotland and Bella Caledonia may be interested in. I'm not usually given to doing a spot of civic journalism or whatever you call it, but this was the BBC and, well, they're not in my good books generally at the moment.

Tax doesn't have to be taxing! )
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My St George's Day 'fun' so far:

- Twitter recommending me someone who appeared to faceroll instead of type, who was a staunch English patriot. Hm.

- The world's most optimistic ice-cream van driving past in the pissing rain, blaring Greensleeves.

- The radio playing ironic factory-despising idealised green and pleasant wankfest Jerusalem.

- Another piece of political straight-in-the-bin Lib Dem fodder with its usual 'CAN'T WIN HERE' misleading horseshit.

- The Guardian commenters wobbling on about how the day should be all about freeing the Palestinian oppressed from Israel because lol, St George wasn't English innit.

- Me considering that, with Cambridge Geek Night and P's work pub night being tonight, it might not be wise for me to venture out. I sadly recall the time we walked into a Norfolk pub and what started as mildly irritating Braveheart comments got so aggressive we had to down our drinks and leave before I set knuckle-dragging yokels on fire.

But, y'know, keep on dreaming you'll get a token bank holiday for all this important stuff. We did, so come on, guys.

Have fun, or something.


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