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So, thanks to more logistics-furtling with removal people, they're now coming down to pack things on the 15th, then they start heading north on the 16th and we get the keys and unload on the 17th. This means, realistically, we've really only got 2 full weeks left to pack things and say our goodbyes.


But so far everything is awesome. )
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So, we went to the bank to apply for a mortgage like some kind of responsible adults.

It was so harrowing. )
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The first edit is done. Oh yes, it is done, and with my editor. Having spent a fortnight doing nothing but prodding the thing, I sat down and did a bit of number-crunching on it.

Tedious stats )

Now, I've been thinking about this momentous deed quite a bit, in between the whole 'Pete accepted a job and I might be in Edinburgh househunting next week and oh god stop talking to be about conveyancing my eyes are bleeding' thing.

In which the authoress in no way attempts to justify herself one bit )

Incidentally, I've been secretly beavering away on a book blog similar to my editor's, so watch this space. But, y'know, NOVELS, EH.
cryptogirl: (Productive housewife) first clootie dumpling.

(Yes, I was hungry and impatient and took a big slice out before I snapped it. And yes, you're meant to turn it onto a plate as well, but shaddap!)

Top Dumpling Tips:

- 2h30 was about the right time to steam it for, with regular trips to top up the pan. (Bonus Tip: Don't get absorbed in a Warcrack dungeon for too long as inevitable singeing occurs. *facepalm*)

- When you don't have string to tie the muslin, Christmas ribbon works :D

- I substituted soft brown sugar for molasses sugar (available in most supermarkets) and it's *lovely*.

- For the concerned, the suet is vegetarian. It was the only type available anyway :P

So, who wants to come to mine for Burns Night xD


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