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Ooh, blog. I used to write in this. *silently curses Twitter and FB*

So, I have a Conundrum which I'd appreciate some feedback on. I've anonymised the organisation because I want a few non-bloggers to give their opinion, hence public post. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO.

Prandial problems )
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So, been a bit busy the past month or so, but it would appear that on the 1st September I became Mrs Pete, which was nice. Just sifting through our official photos and honeymoon snaps now and writing things up, but meanwhile if you've written anything or taken pictures, let me know in comments (assuming you don't mind me pinching :p).

Yay, marriage!

Also, I appear to be 29 on the 29th. So I'm plotting cocktails in town, where there will also be a chance to sign the wedding guest book with rude things. Let me know if you're up for it, and I'll do some random fiddly combination of Facebook and email inviting.

Yay, old age!
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Yes! It's only a full two months before I ruin every social media on Earth spaffing about Eurovision! And today is the start, because all the acts have been presented to the EBU. So of course, my tuppence worth under the cut. But first ALL STAND FOR THE NATIONAL EUROVISION ANTHEM

Those acts in full )

So there you have it. Ballad-heavy, rare on the novelty, hopefully saved on the night by Graham Norton, worthy successor of Sir Terence of Wogan, and his withering sarcasm. As usual there will be some kind of shindig towards the semi-finals, so watch this space. There will be mandatory Opa and maybe even fondue. MAYBE FONDUE. YOU LUCKY BASTARDS.


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