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Making a rare public post here, because a) it doesn’t belong on the professional blog and b) some people on Facebook/Twitter would like to read my thoughts on this. If you must comment, do try and keep to the ‘be excellent to each other’ rules, hm? Apologies for any typos or nonsensical bits; I was on the tail-end of a migraine today and the words didn't, er, word sometimes.

'Scotland won't know what's hit it' )
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Why yes, I've been busy submitting a short story to the Scottish Book Trust, starting another two and jumping on the Camp NaNoWriMo in a vain attempt to up my word count. But I got round to writing this too, at last!

I love a good documentary. I used to be glued to Arena, and BBC's Storyville series is equally magnificent. This film, as far as I can gather, will be hitting the small screens at some point, and I'm going to try and persuade you to clear your future schedule for it.

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In all my festival-going years, I've somehow managed to miss the Film Festival. Partly it's because my Edinburgh visits tended to be in August, and partly I was never old enough for half the films. I decided to make up for it this year. My bank account will never forgive me :(

Metropolis )

The Anomaly )

The Green Inferno (with spoilers!) )

Tomorrow we're seeing Garnet's Gold but I can't decide what to see for the last weekend. Damn my eclectic tastes :(
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One in a possible continuing series, if I can be arsed. )

Right, back to the sportball...
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So, when I'm not basically being Grauniad Public Enemy #1, I may have mentioned that I went along to my local Yes event last weekend.

Contains politics, but also stovies. )

TL;DR- went to Yes Super Saturday, had a splendid time, will spend as much time as I can afford volunteering. Because life's too short to sit on the internet farting out things you've read in the Guardian.
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So. That book, eh? I might have gone quiet in blogland, but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been busting my ass getting it in shape for the Grimly Long Publisher Hunt. Yeah, I can juggle a freelance career, being a tortured writer *and* the demands of brazen housewifery- I’m that awesome.

I need some input though, from you LOVELY POTENTIAL PEOPLE WHO MIGHT BUY MY BOOK.

Some random worrying and that. )


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