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One in a possible continuing series, if I can be arsed. )

Right, back to the sportball...
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So, thanks to more logistics-furtling with removal people, they're now coming down to pack things on the 15th, then they start heading north on the 16th and we get the keys and unload on the 17th. This means, realistically, we've really only got 2 full weeks left to pack things and say our goodbyes.


But so far everything is awesome. )


Jun. 23rd, 2011 02:27 pm
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Office internets is down! It appears the DNS is not working, so I dutifully trekked to the server room to prod the server that deals with this, but no joy. The secondary DNS pings fine, the primary address times out, and nslookup keels over. Having checked event logs, restarted things and poked some more- and the Danish sysadmin not knowing what it could be- I called Redstone, who promised me they'd call me back in my server room lair. They have not called back. Before I go and shout at them, is anyone else on Redstone at their work and having issues? And have I missed trying something else to fix the lack of DNS?

This post brought to you by camomile tea, hastily scoffed tinned curry and being the one shouting in the server room so you can play ping pong all afternoon so you don't have to D:

ETA- Looks like it is Redstone's end; the only DNS responding is the office internal one. They think it's fixed though, boggle. Also, minus points to a) trying to flog me infrastructure training on the same call and b) asking to speak to the sysadmin WHEN I AM SHE (for now at least :p) D:


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