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I totally forgot about posting these, but they're so shiny and I'm distracting myself from packing that I thought I'd sling them up now. Also, the colder months tend to result in more WoW playing because a) it's cold and b) the laptop is warm. <3

I actually got this just over a month ago, which amuses me as the guild my shaman left only just got it last Sunday. (They're not really a raiding guild though :p) I even healed the fight, which shocked me because only a few people died. Who suddenly made me good at healing? o_O

You know you've beaten the fight when you all get killed. No, really. Then the dead King of Lordaeron, Terenas Menethil, resses you, which is rather nice of him:

Then there's about 30 seconds of facerolling your keyboard until:

(My addons went crazy, hence all the text about non-combat pets in the corner -_-)

As if that wasn't exciting enough, last Friday Eclipse took me achievement hunting in Icecrown, doing all the hard modes for Glory of the Icecrown Raider, the prize for which is this lovely bony icy chap:

And as if all that wasn't enough to have the non Warcrafters snoozing into their morning tea you jumping up and down yelling OMGWTFBBQ, we went to Trial of the Grand Crusader a few days back and did every boss first time, resulting in:

Then we did a tourist trail of Ulduar. Raid chat like this is why I luff this guild:

(Hannya's a girl in real life. Her sense of humour is greatly inappropriate. So I luffs her too.)

I was lucky enough to win the Archivum Data Discs, which begins some lovely lore-filled quests culminating in fighting Algalon, the super-hard bonus boss. We didn't have time to finish Uldy that night, though, so instead I went to the Celestial Planetarium and mashed PrtScrn:

And then I got killed by SUDDEN ELITE MONSTER round the corner. Doh xD

And if you don't play WoW, well isn't it all shiny and pretty and stuff. ;)

In other non-WoW news Pete and I are off to Gatwick tomorrow, staying overnight, then we're off to Bucharest until Tuesday! Shout if you want something nice brought back :P
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