cryptogirl: (Bella)
2012-04-23 05:43 pm

'Happy' St. George's Day

My St George's Day 'fun' so far:

- Twitter recommending me someone who appeared to faceroll instead of type, who was a staunch English patriot. Hm.

- The world's most optimistic ice-cream van driving past in the pissing rain, blaring Greensleeves.

- The radio playing ironic factory-despising idealised green and pleasant wankfest Jerusalem.

- Another piece of political straight-in-the-bin Lib Dem fodder with its usual 'CAN'T WIN HERE' misleading horseshit.

- The Guardian commenters wobbling on about how the day should be all about freeing the Palestinian oppressed from Israel because lol, St George wasn't English innit.

- Me considering that, with Cambridge Geek Night and P's work pub night being tonight, it might not be wise for me to venture out. I sadly recall the time we walked into a Norfolk pub and what started as mildly irritating Braveheart comments got so aggressive we had to down our drinks and leave before I set knuckle-dragging yokels on fire.

But, y'know, keep on dreaming you'll get a token bank holiday for all this important stuff. We did, so come on, guys.

Have fun, or something.