cryptogirl: (Default) I went and won Camp NaNoWriMo, the April and July versions of the writing challenge. To be fair, as you're allowed to do anything from scripts, novellas and editing, I started with the 40-odd thousand words of my WIP and set a target of 65k. In between that I had day job stuff, a jaunt to Glasgow and query angst. And I validated my word count with FIVE MINUTES TO GO.

Proof, innit )
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One in a possible continuing series, if I can be arsed. )

Right, back to the sportball...
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So, thanks to more logistics-furtling with removal people, they're now coming down to pack things on the 15th, then they start heading north on the 16th and we get the keys and unload on the 17th. This means, realistically, we've really only got 2 full weeks left to pack things and say our goodbyes.


But so far everything is awesome. )
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Oh, it's just been one thing after another this week what with the house moving stuff, my devotion to the Church of Eurovision and [ profile] pjc50 throwing his copy of this at me so that my research looks approximately 100% more intelligent and not like I'm spending my time buying American E numbers and crying into awful documentaries about awful things in other countries. So, yeah. Words. Have some.

Nice weather for, er, supernatural creatures )
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So, we went to the bank to apply for a mortgage like some kind of responsible adults.

It was so harrowing. )
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The first edit is done. Oh yes, it is done, and with my editor. Having spent a fortnight doing nothing but prodding the thing, I sat down and did a bit of number-crunching on it.

Tedious stats )

Now, I've been thinking about this momentous deed quite a bit, in between the whole 'Pete accepted a job and I might be in Edinburgh househunting next week and oh god stop talking to be about conveyancing my eyes are bleeding' thing.

In which the authoress in no way attempts to justify herself one bit )

Incidentally, I've been secretly beavering away on a book blog similar to my editor's, so watch this space. But, y'know, NOVELS, EH.
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Well, we got back from Edinburgh yesterday after a fraught rainy drive in which my husband learned how to download Spotify playlists so he could interrupt Foxtrot with CHVRCHES*. We've had a massive lie-in, ploughed through some of the food my parents weighed the car down with, and we have our first Hogmanay drink of a Fog Cutter with all the ingredients orthodox except the Earl Grey gin, Peruvian brandy and Kraken dark spiced rum. So, not very traditional but BY GOD IT'S DRINKABLE.**

Anyway. It seems traditional to do resolutions of some sort as 2013 draws to its arse-end and we go into 2014, incidentally the Scottish Year of Homecoming.

Achieve all the things! )
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So, I finished NaNoWriMo on the 28th, getting 51847 words before midnight. And that was before adding another 500 words or so of epilogue. And now I would go splat, only I have all this editing thing to get finished. Blargle.

What have we all learned from my first winning Wrimo, then? In the spirit of the recent Barnes and Noble piece, I've done a list of 30 things about my NaNoWriMo which may or may not contain copious amounts of Tumblr gifs.

Because writing iz srs bizness )

TL;DR- wrote a novel, turned into a starving artist/hormonal teenager/boring prog fart, really enjoyed the entire process. Even if I scared everyone around me. Roll on the long painful edit!
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Social media is a funny beast sometimes.

Yesterday on Twitter, I managed to:

- Discuss the shooting location for Modern Love with a Twitter pal who's a massive prog nut (Shepherd's Bush Tube station, incidentally)

- Have a sobering talk about a friend's customers with substance addictions (while she was hiding as one of them smashed the place up)

- Complain about O2 censoring sites on 3G with their crap porn filter after [personal profile] angua found herself on the receiving end of it (And I only made one joke about ladygardens after a gardening site I was on was blocked.)

- Finish a discussion with an online friend in America who, while he holds views on things like guns that I disagree with, is able to have an interesting and articulate debate about it

- Talk about creative writing with the girlfriend of the legendary paperghost. Thanks to her I'm now aware of the existence of Bata, Bata… Pa'no Ka Ginawa? and she's sending me the link to the English version shortly

- Laugh at the original Doctor Who theme with a listener to the WoW podcast I guested on a while back

And, on top of all that, I totally overcompensated for Monday's writer's block and wrote over 3000 words of novel.



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